Race, Identity & Belonging

I study race and alternatively, racism to critique further our understanding of identity and belonging. For instance, how do individuals understand their race in relation to the self and others (e.g., strangers, friends, and romantic partners)? How does an understanding of one's race allow us to connect with others? Our heritage? Our social groups? 

Alternatively, how might confusion surrounding one's race limit one's ability to connect with others or contribute to intersectional in(visibility)? In other words, does accurately identifying someone's race really matter...? 

For Multiracial but not Monoracial people (e.g., Remedios & Chasteen), the answer is yes! 

My work uses critical theories and experimental methods to interrogate questions related to identity and belonging further, with an understanding that race is not only an identity but an experience (e.g., people are "racialized" as White rather than simply being White). In particular, my work centres on Multiracial people to showcase how a simplified understanding of race rooted in White supremacy can negatively impact multiply stigmatized groups through experiences of intersectional in(visibility) and oppression, especially Multiracial women. 

Ultimately, my hope is to move beyond the basic work I'm conducting to relevant applied contexts (e.g., within neighbourhoods and organizations). For instance, what safety cues do Multiracial people use to assess a neighbourhood as a place worth living in? Or an organization worth applying to?

Note: My dissertation will tackle these questions using critical theories and experimental methods.

© Annalisa Myer
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