Diversity & Inclusion

As a scientist with multiple stigmatized identities, enhancing diversity within psychological science is important to me. Ongoing demands for equity and justice in our society guide my research career, teaching, and service. 

I commit to uplifting the voices of marginalized scholars and welcome collaborations. I stand in solidarity with Academics for Black Survival and Wellness and will continue to enact social change within academia and society at large; I also recognize that the most powerful route to supporting Black scholars, activists, and organizations is prioritizing the mental health and wellbeing of our communities.  

As the co-founder of Here and Queer (HQ) and the Network for Multiracial/ethnic Scholars (NOMS), I am committed to creating inclusive communities and providing opportunities for people outside of the margins. 

Please join me in continually creating space for growth, humility, and instruction (not only in psychological science but in our daily lives). 

© Annalisa Myer
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