Graduate School Applications

In an effort to demystify the graduate school application process, I am making a redacted copy of my research statement open to the public. The removal of identifying information such as full names and/or personal identities is meant to preserve my privacy, as well as the integrity of my writing. 

If you are applying to PhD programs (especially social/personality), I'm happy to answer any questions, edit application materials, and/or share my experiences applying. Priority will be given to undergraduate students and recent graduates who are from backgrounds and/or identities historically excluded in graduate studies. 

To access the redacted statement of purpose, please access the following file (note: redacted information will be specified within the text in brackets): 

Note: Applying to PhD programs is an immense privilege that is not lost on me. By uploading this guide, I hope it can provide a general sense of the unique challenges and advantages that I experienced during the application process. I also hope it can contextualize my experience. 

© Annalisa Myer
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